Why would I see a midwife during my pregnancy?

Pregnancy, labour and birth can be scary for some parents to be, and we are highly skilled professionals with vast experience, who are equipped to provide you emotional and physical care throughout your pregnancy and until your baby is 6 weeks old.

But doesn’t my OB do all that?

Yes, they do – they remain your primary carer and we complement their care allowing time allocated to listen, and provide answers to your questions regarding pregnancy, labour, birth and care of a newborn baby. At You Side Midwives are also Lactation Consultants and highly skilled in assisting women to breastfeed their baby successfully.

Can a Midwife help me with the anxiety I feel regarding my pregnancy?

Yes, a Midwife can answer all your questions, advocate for you and support your mental health during your pregnancy and afterwards. We can refer to other health professionals as needed – all from the comfort of your own home.

Why would I need to see a Midwife if I’m already seeing my OB / GP?

Because your midwife is someone who explores how you feel about all aspects of your journey and helps you prepare for your chosen mode of birth and feeling positive in your new role as parents. Support is vital for new parents and a professional relationship built on trust with your midwife can make all the difference during the challenging newborn weeks.

Can I see a private OB and a private midwife?

Yes! Many women report high rates of satisfaction when they see both. We will get to know one another during the pregnancy, and we know what is normal and what is not, so you and your baby get evidence based, effective advice and care 7 days a week.

Why would I need to see a midwife once my baby is born?

The care you receive in those early weeks following the birth of your baby is very important. This is not the time for fragmented care, or conflicting advice or opinion when you need assistance. There are many new skills to be mastered and emotional changes to be understood. Breastfeeding and the lack of sleep are just a few of the challenges you will be facing.

However, because we are there when you want us, we’re able to spend time with you in the safe surroundings of your home supporting you through the highs and lows of the exciting rollercoaster of the newborn period. We will support you without judgement, empowering you to make choices for your family that suit you. Home visiting can be arranged for 6 weeks following birth during which your baby and you will receive a top to toe assessment of health, baby will be weighed, prescriptions, diagnostic testing, ultrasound scans – provided as necessary, and working in collaboration with local paediatricians, safe feeding plans will be provided if things don’t go to plan. We will be ‘At Your Side’ reassuring and empowering you as you make your way through those precious early weeks.

Wont it be expensive to see a private midwife?

The benefits in terms of your emotional health & wellbeing and confidence as a new parent are priceless. Medicare rebates are available for midwifery care with an endorsed midwife making care affordable. You will have the knowledge that support is guaranteed at any time you need it. Home visits are convenient and at your request. Telephone support is also available.

I want to breastfeed – what can a private midwife do to help me succeed?

We can help you identify your needs and preferences by helping you understand how breastfeeding works. You can make your plan regarding what you would like to happen or not happen in those vital early days when you and your baby are both learning and getting to know one another. Knowing what is normal can help you avoid problems and enable you to be informed and confident in caring for your baby just how you want to. You may be surrounded by kind-hearted people offering all kinds of different advice. This can overwhelm new parents and often undermines the confidence you need to learn to breastfeed.

Regular support from ‘At You Side’ midwives will help you get breastfeeding established, guiding and reassuring you from the comfort of your own home.