At Your Side offer

  • Care during pregnancy and afterwards, guiding you from conception to birth and for the first 6 weeks following the birth of your baby.
  • Provide continuity of pregnancy care in collaboration with your Obstetric care providers
  • Empower you with knowledge, making sure you’re fully informed to make your own decisions about the care for you and your baby
  • Replace fear of labour with excitement about their journey into parenthood
  • Support your choices for you to achieve the experience you want for you and your baby
  • We are available for you to ask for help when you need it- our goal is to empower you, supporting you through those first weeks when everything is so new
  • Inform you about your choices regarding , how to manage labour and birth, and how to feed your newborn
  • Refer you for any additional support services you may need
  • Prescribe medications as required to you and your baby

Appointments in your home available to Townsville & surrounds. Clinic appointments also available.

We can provide your care at a time that suits you and in a place that feels comfortable. Please enquire for pricing

We aim to partner with you to ensure the best outcomes for you and your baby

Engaging with a trusted midwife can help you successfully breastfeed your baby.

We would like to help you debrief from previous birth experiences. We can help explain what happened without being defensive and looking openly and constructively at the whole picture.

‘At Your Side’ midwives respect pregnancy and birth as they unfold uniquely for each birthing person. You will always be listened to and be central to any decision making regarding you and your baby.

We aim to assist in preparing you, and your partner or support person, for the birth of your baby. Postnatal care routinely includes a top to toe assessment of Mum and Bub, weekly weighing of the baby, reassuring you through the challenges many people face. Everything we do builds on what you already know and we advise and support you consistently to avoid confusion and conflicting advice.

All care is individually planned so the routine of care can be decided by you and your family.

Significant hormonal changes occur after birth, which can have important effects on the mother’s mood. Common problems of caring for a newborn baby can also make these mood changes worse and the happiness felt immediately after birth can sometimes be replaced by feelings of insecurity and concern about her ability to care for her baby after she leaves the hospital.

Breastfeeding Education & Support

We offer a comprehensive programme assisting you to breastfeed your baby with confidence, without pain. Feel ready to breastfeed your baby having realistic expectations of how this may be.

Many women want to breastfeed yet either stop before they really get going or suffer pain and stress whilst struggling through.

We will empower you to be heard and in control of your breastfeeding journey, even in the event of a planned or emergency C-section.

Your learned knowledge will allow you to trust your ability to feed your baby.

If you wish, we will support your partner being prepared to support your breastfeeding goals from the start.

You will understand the instinctive approach to breastfeeding and allow your baby to latch comfortably.

Establish and maintain your breast milk supply so you can provide the best possible nutrition for your baby, for as long as you choose.

Maximise your chances of being able to breastfeed without complications or unnecessary intervention.

You will have a known midwife and lactation consultant to call as you need. Our service is available 7 days a week.

Lactation Consultant service can extend beyond 6 weeks post birth – please enquire for details.


Packages and Gift Vouchers available.

Medicare rebates apply for visits with an endorsed midwife. Preferred provider for Australian Defence Force